Thursday, November 24, 2011

the little things

this time of year, is one of my most favorite times of the year, why you ask? because it's the time of year when you give more than you get, family is the center of everything, and we realize the blessings our heavenly father has put in our lives, whether good or bad, to help us grow and learn and become the wonderful people he created us to be. today is my wonderful mothers 40th birthday and is also thanksgiving! although the decorations, food, and company of my wonderful family was beyond perfect i found myself constantly thinking of the things the things that i am so blessed to have in my life. if you get a chance go read in your bible dictonary under the word will not be disappointed. if i could ask you all to do one thing this holiday season it would be to no take things for granted. be thankful for what you have, when you have it, because you never know when it will be gone. so with that being said...

i'm thankful for....
1. the gospel
2. my 4 amazing little brothers
3. my sister, who although i may want to kill sometimes, is honestly one of my best friends
4. my parents, i don't think they understand how much i look up to them and how i am grateful for not only there guidance and council, but there unconditional love and friendship. 
5. my house
6. my education
7. my talents
8. air conditioning and a heater
9. the chance to go back to miss utah
10. our military and their families
11. missionaries
12. laughter
13. a sky full of shining stars
14. my church callings
15. my car, although getto, at least i have one
16. music
17. my trails, for they have and will continue to sculpt me into a better person
18. youtube
19. both sets of grandparents
20. all my cousins....but especially my bffe becca strobel
21. my job
22. pictures
23. technology
24. the ability to learn
25. my wonderful friends
26. the temple and being able to be worthy to go
27. random acts of kindness
28. the atonement
29. support from those around me
30. my health
31. having long hair
32. my parents jobs and lifestyle
33. my sweet dogs izzy and cooper
35. my best friend, elder griner
36. determination
37. the ensign
38. funny jokes
39. sunrises/sunsets
40. scriptures
41. disney movies
42. food
43. braces
44. fortune cookies
45. deep, long talks
46. tight long hugs.....(i miss these)
47. people who say i love you, and mean it
48. the chance to have won 2 pageants miss american fork and miss utah county
49. the opportunity to serve
50. happiness

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