Thursday, October 10, 2013

the bridesmaids

so i'm sitting home alone while the hubby is at school taking a killer stats test so i figured why not blog instead of make dinner right? 500 wife points for lauren. anywho i got all my wedding pictures back and i'm obsessed and cannot wait to share all of them with you guys! But instead of bombarding you with 10000 wedding pictures i figured i'd take it nice and slow and post them in "groups". so....
all things bridesmaids

the day after matt asked me to marry him i was in pure panic mode trying to figure out who i wanted to ask to be my bridesmaids and how i was going to ask them! so after much though i decided i would ask girls that have always been there for me through thick and thin no matter what, even if we didn't hang out every single day they were those girls i knew i could call and at a drop of a hat they would be there to help me with whatever i needed. but i needed a way to ask them.....and honestly this shouldn't of been as hard as it was but i stressed SO much over this little thing and came up with this

with my love of "how to loose a guy in ten days" and my weird sense of humor i thought this would be a hilarious way to ask my girls to help me out on my special day. (ps the card reads "i know i can count on you to not let our love fern perish...will you be my bridesmaids") and yes i'm 100% aware that that is indeed not a love fern but the succulents were so much cuter! but overall they loved them and it was so fun going to each of them and asking them to be one of my bridesmaids. also on a side note most my bridesmaids did indeed let the love fern die haha oh well i still love them! 

so to meet all of them right?
here we go on picture overload...sorry bout it!

   when i was 7 i found out i was going to have a little sister. i really don't think i've ever been so excited and as i waited and waited for her to get here once she did i knew she would forever be my best friend. although she is 7 years younger than me she's honestly my best friend and i know she will be forever. there's honestly no one that makes me laugh harder or more frustrated then cam. so although every single one of my bridesmaids could've been my maid of honor no one can replace or compare to my little sister.

 i met nikki when i was 6 years old when she moved across the street from me in good ol highland utah. we've been through everything together and she's always been there for me. sometimes god gives you friends that no matter what you do or how stupid you act they are always there for you and that's what nikki has been for me. i've never had a friend longer then i've been friends with nikki. we've had so many fun memories and i can't wait for future memories we're going to have.

i met brooke in high school and although we don't hang out all the time or talk every single day she has grown to be one of my best friends. she honestly has the biggest heart and is always there for me no matter what i need. i'm so grateful for her and everything she does for me and my day wouldn't of been complete without her right by my side. i guess high school wasn't all that bad because i met her :)
  oh shelby, shelby, shelby. never have i met a greater person then shelby. we have for sure been through our up's and down's but no matter what she's always been there for me. i met shelby at homecoming my senior year when i got pelted with a ball during a game of kick ball haha (i know it sounds sad, but it was actually hilarious) anywho ever since that day shelb's has always been there for me and it makes it even better because matt and shelby grew up together. but matt once told me that i would never find a better friend then shelby and that's true. she's the most careless, selfless, funniest, crudest, most great person i've ever met. and although she is a bridesmaid to everyone and i literally mean everyone haha my special day wouldn't of been complete without her.
   sometimes in life you don't get another sister but instead a cousin. i honestly feel like the luckiest girl in the world for having someone who is not only my best friend but my cousin as well. she's my very vest best friend and i couldn't imagine my life without her. i'm so lucky she just lives down the street and that she's always here for me no matter what. she's my gym buddy, youtube watching, shopping, double date buddy and i wouldn't want it any other way. thanks for being my bffe reb.


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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

all things invites

so if you didn't already know my aunt is a graphic designer and she's unreal! i keep convincing her to get a website up and going because her work is absolutely amazing! but because she has this great talent she agreed to do my wedding invites and pretty much everything else i needed help with on the graphic side of things :) she is amazing and i honestly couldn't of done everything i wanted to do without her help. so if you are looking for someone to design your wedding invites, or family christmas cards or anything else send her an email at but without further ado' here are all of my darling invites she designed. don't worry there's more in later posts! maybe once she gets a website up and running we'll do a give away of one of her creations! 



front of temple card

back of temple card

front of registration card

back of registration card




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with getting ready to be married my mom and i sat down to talk about the 3 most important things that would make or break my "perfect" wedding. the number 1 thing on my list was getting a good photographer because you have these picture for the rest of your life! i wanted someone who matched my personality and the feel that i was going for also someone who i knew would do a great job and someone who could work with my tiny timeline (i guess getting married in 6 weeks isn't a long time? haha) well miss heather telford has been taking our family pictures for quite some time now and she's amazing! so without any hesitation i emailed her to see if she had any openings and luckily she did :) if you're looking for a wedding photographer or someone to do your family pictures or pretty much pictures of anything i would suggest you contact her because she's AMAZING! if you don't believe me check out her website here & keep scrolling down :)

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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

fear in a rut.

i dont know if any of you have ever tried to accomplish something, something that has taken a really long time to finish and then you go to complete it and completely failed at it, and so you picked yourself up and tried again only to fail over, and over and over and over again until you were so scared of failing again that you just decided to give up. well that's where i'm at and have been for the last couple of months, in a total rut. and i'm so unbelievably sick of it. i told matt yesterday how i was sick of being the only person standing in the way of my accomplishments. and that's 100% correct. i'm not going to sit here and pretend like i'm going to completely dominate this awful test that i continue to keep failing but i've decided that giving up isn't the right thing to do. that if i just keep going, everything will eventually work out.....someday.
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