Tuesday, December 27, 2011


the quote above could not be more true. there are very few people who can say they actually liked jr high and high school and would want to go back. unfortunately i am not one of them. jr high and high school were literally miserable for me and needless to say i'm very grateful to be graduated and done. but unfortunately those memories are still there and those hurtful words and rumors are still tossed around. i don't know if i just horrible taste in friends or if i just really wasn't liked but it has always amazed me at the elaborate rumors that were thrown around about me. so this is a letter to those people.

dear center of attention,

remember that time i sat by you while you cried yourself to sleep and told you everything was going to be okay? or that time you told me you were going to kill yourself and i came over and convinced you that you were better than that? remember all the mean things said about you, and how they made you feel? or remember that time you came to school completely wasted and I drove you home? well thank you for making my life miserable still to this day. thank you for telling people i was a lesbian and that i had a crush on you. my siblings still get asked to this day if that's true, even after i've told countless people that i in fact actually really like boys. it's funny to me that even after all these years people would still believe someone who's been to rehab 3 times for a heroin addiction and being an alcoholic. i honestly feel bad for you.

dear worlds biggest liar,

you really had me fooled. i really thought we were best friends, and would be forever. you knew everything about me. when i would tell people we were friends they would always tell me to watch out because of your family and because the things they had heard about you. but i immediately reassured them that you were different and those were just rumors. it's funny to me how when i told you that i didn't like the person i was becoming because of the way i acted when we were together you decided you would tell people your disgusting stories and instead of using your name you'd replace it with mine. i love that you ran not only my name through the mud but also your husbands name....i bet he doesn't know that. good thing you moved away so that he'll never find out. sure you've got a pretty face, but you are an ugly girl on the inside.

dear girl in the shadows,

i've had to deal with you my whole life and i can't wait to deal with you again in june. but when someone misses 3 weeks of school because of their kidneys, it doesn't automatically give you right to tell most of my teachers and half of the student body that i'm pregnant. also you have a lot of nerve whispering "wow she's got to be pregnant look at all the weight she's gained" as i get up to write on the board. note to everyone, i'm a virgin, and last time i checked you have to have sex to get pregnant. can't wait to see what miraculous rumor you come up with next. good luck being second best.

dear you know who,

thank you for doing and saying the things you did. thank you for teaching me how to be strong and brave. thank you for showing me who i really am and the people who i never wanted to be. thank you for showing me that you can't trust everyone. thank you for making me who i am today, because without you and your words, i wouldn't have the goals and ambitions i do today. so thank you.


  1. I love this. And you, Lauren. You are a beautiful girl! Let your haters be your motivators (: hahaha

  2. I hated high school too, girl. Sometimes I have these same moments when I still feel hurt from the way some things happened but have to overcome it. Way to keep your head high. You are a beautiful, talented, adorable, sweet woman, and never let anyone else make you feel otherwise.

  3. Thank you girls :] it means a lot! love you both!

  4. This made my day, but at the same time opened my eyes. I'm sorry for the cattiness and drama between us in highschool. You really were one of my best friends, and I enjoyed our times and memories together. xo