Tuesday, December 27, 2011


with a new year comes new challenges, adventures, dissapointments, and goals. why do tomorrow what you can do today. so here's to 2012. i hope you're ready for me.

some of my goals
1.stop biting my nails
2.get in shape, live a healthy lifestyle
3.give my all at miss utah
4.be on time
5.go to bed earlier and wake
6.read the book of mormon
7.save 1/2 of my paychecks
8.get my real estate license
9.pay my tithing every month
10.give more than i get
11.keep my room clean
12.buy a new car
13.get good grades
14.be positive
15.say thank you more
16.learn how to cook
17.become better at the piano

mine and becca's bucket list
1. go on a road trip to california
2. learn how to play the guitar

3.learn how to make ice cream
4.send a message in a bottle

5.join a bowling league

6.complete a journal
7.get in shape

8.write a song
9.have our own stars

10.take a homeless person out to dinner
11.have a mud fight

12. run a half marathon

13.make a quilt/learn to sew

14.light off lanterns with wishes on them

15.carve our names into a tree

16.write a letter to future selves

17.do more crafts

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