Thursday, January 26, 2012

bob ross and best friends

most girls watch the bachelor on a monday night but what do lindsey, alie, and i do? we watch bob ross. if you don't know who bob ross is please go google him or find him on the tv. he is a wonderful painter. i've never been the artsy type. i'm a horrible artist. in fact, i've only really mastered the art of stick figures and even those are sometimes questionable but ever since i was a little girl i've always wanted to be able to paint. my great grandma was a painter. she painted beautiful oil painted landscapes. as a little girl i would sit and look at these paintings and a sense of peace would come over me. the same feeling i get when i watch bob ross. you may think i'm crazy but it's wonderful to watch someone take a blank canvas and turn it into a exquisite realistic portrait of emotions and memories.

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