Wednesday, January 4, 2012


it's 5 days into the new year and i'm already a total basket case. good new is i haven't broken any of my new years resolutions, so that's a plus right? you know that feeling like you're destined for great things? like everything is working out in your favor? like 2012 is your year? although i may be stressed, its the good kind.  the kind that keeps you extremely focused and in site of your goals. 2012 is my year and i'm ready for it. miss utah is 158 days away and i'd be lying if i said i wasn't a little nervous. but i'm ready to give it my all. i can quite honestly say without any hesitation that i've never wanted anything more then i want this. it's not about the pretty gowns or the crown, it's not about the make up or the money. it's about the journey and experience i've had already. for those of you who don't know i was able to go to miss utah last year as miss american fork. well being 18 years old and only ever doing one pageant in my whole life i was a little overwhelmed at miss utah and to top it off i ended up getting laryngitis, which for a vocalist is probably the worst thing that could ever happen. well after miss utah was over i decided that i was done with pageants and that as much fun as i had it was time to call it quits. until everything seemed to work out just perfectly with miss utah county and as much as i tried to avoid doing that pageant for some reason i was meant to do it. i wasn't expecting to win, to be quite honest it still shocks me everyday. i competed against a lot of very talented girls who were very qualified to have won that title. but heavenly father has a funny way of surprising you with things you never thought possible for yourself and sometimes he give you a second chance. whether i win miss utah or not i've come out of this a better person. i've learned grace and poise, i've learned how to be professional, i've learned how to look for the good in others as well as myself, i've learned that i can do anything i put my mind to, i've learned how to work hard, i've learned that when you serve others you become a better person, i've learned the importance of being a woman and the wonderful roll we play in society, and i've learned how to be brave.  if i've learned anything these past couple of years it is that if you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.

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  1. Love this. And I totally agree. The one and only pageant I ever did was the Arizona Junior Miss. It was totally not something I'd ever considered doing, but I realized that I was at least competent in each of the areas. So I did it, and ended up being a runner up! I'm a vocalist, too, so I feel ya about laryngitis. Anyway, I did it, not expecting much, but it completely made me a better person, and I made all these amazing girls who I know will go on to do awesome things. Good luck at Miss Utah!