Sunday, April 1, 2012


ever since is was young i've been known to trust people to fast. to meet someone and instantly tell them my deepest darkest secrets. i know they say with age comes wisdom but as i've gotten older i've yet to learn my lesson of not trusting everyone. call me naive or childish but i truly believe that everyone is good or has some ounce of goodness in them. sometimes we make stupid decisions and mess things up, but that's what growing up is all about isn't it? being foolish, making mistakes, falling flat on your face only to pick yourself back up and never do it again. it's the never doing it again part that i struggle with.....but the falling on my face part,  i'm pretty much a pro at that. but what i've come to learn is that there will always be a very select few who you can actually trust. who wont blackmail you, guilt you, or reject you, but who will love you, cheer for you, and accept you for you and understand that we aren't perfect. so call me a loser if you want. but i'd rather have one exceptionally great friend than one hundred fake friends. i've learned my lesson this time.....and as i've fallen flat on my face i've decided to get back up. to fight this fight and to not back down. because i know there are people rooting for me. and to those who say they are who are secretly hoping i fall flat on my face again.....i have seven words for you......

i can't wait to prove you wrong. 

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