Tuesday, May 14, 2013

DIY wreath

Little known fact about me is that I love love love to do crafts. I love having a vision of what i want to create and creating it or in my case just finding a lot of things on pinterest and re creating them :) well with mothers day fast approaching i decided that this year i wanted to make mother tucker a mothers day gift instead of just buying her one. So along with the marvelous shake weight that i bought her haha I decided to make her a wreath for the front door. so here's how i did it....all in one grand trip to Hobby Lobby!

Step 1: Find a wreath you love. We got this one at Hobby Lobby for $10.00 &
It's the largest one they have gotta love a GREAT deal! 

 Step 2: Get some flowers! I bought 2 of each kind and ended up with a little left over! Don't be afraid to get creative with your selection!

Step 3: I just took each of the flowers and braided it into the wreath. Surprisingly it worked perfect and has withheld the crazy windstorms of good ol Highland! 

Step 4: Now I forgot to take a picture of the ribbon that I used but it's at Hobby Lobby by the burlap over in the floral section. I made a bow and then with picture wire I braided it into the wreath and tied it in the back. 

Mothers day was a success. Mother Tucker loved her wreath and it looks darling on my parents front door!
Yay for Moms right? Love you mom!

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