Sunday, September 29, 2013

the dirty details: the engagement story

I have to apologize for the fact that I've been completely mia since matt's been home. and I have so much exciting news! like i got married and we are living in the cutest house in the whole wide world and ya life is pretty much perfect. but because i've been completely mia i figured i should probably fill everyone in on all the dirty details of everything right? is first things first....

the engagement story.
  so you're probably all wondering how mr griner himself asked me the big question right? well grab yourself a blanket and get ready cause i'm about to tell you! so ever since we have been dating (way back in high school) matt would always tell me how he wanted to dress up all fancy and go to dinner. so we did just that. Well me being the girl that I am told him that if he wanted it to be a "real" date he had to come pick me up, which he totally agreed to do. So Tuesday (the day he asked me to marry him) I was getting ready and I get this text asking me if I could just drive down and meet him at his house because he had a lot going on....needless to say I was super frustrated not to mention i couldn't find anything i liked to wear and leading up to this day he'd planned all these cute time where he could've asked me and didn't haha so I had no idea the night ahead of me and considering everyone had me believing he wasn't asking me until the weekend. So I got ready and headed down to provo not knowing what was about to happen. I showed up at his house, walked in the door and matt came bolting around the corner ready to go. So we jumped in the car and headed to Carabbas (sp?). Once we got there we were seated and just started talking. It was perfect. as soon as dinner got over i asked matt the stupid question of..."so whats next" to which he responded.. "mmm i didn't really have anything else planned for the night, why don't we just go back to my house and watch a movie." at that moment i knew for sure it wasn't happening so we jumped in the car and headed back to matts house. Once we got back I asked matt if i could just change into some of his sweats if we were going to watch a moving because who wants to watch a movie in a skirt and shirt? not this girl! haha and as i was heading into the bathroom to change he grabbed me and said why don't we take a walk down to the river. (side note: totally should've known something was going to happen but of course, not a clue") so i found the ugliest pair of flip flops i had in my car and we headed down the provo trail to the river. I have to tell you all how unbelievably beautiful that night was, and as we were walking the sun was just setting and everything was quite and it was so nice just to take a walk with this boy that i was absolutely crazy in love with. As we were walking matt wouldn't really say anything to me, he just kept looking at me with this look that he gets when something is about to happen or he's about to say something he's nervous to say all he would say is "i can't belive how much i love you." and we would continue to walk. well off in the distance i could kind of see some lights in someones backyard and i thought to myself oh how cute someone has their backyard all lit up only to turn the corner to see this. 
and literally thought to myself holy freaking crap this is really happening. k cool, don't cry hahah and he took me over to that cute sign by the table knelt down on one knee and asked if i'd marry him. and bam out of the bushes came my cousin and her husband taking pictures and video taping the whole thing. it was unbelievably perfect. About after 3 minutes of picture taking i asked matt if my family knew and he told me that they were already at his house and they were walking down to see us. It was so unbelievably perfect! i honestly couldn't believe that the boy that i fell in love with my senior year of high school and who i waited for while he served a 2 year mission asked me to marry him 2 1/2 weeks....yea 2 1/2 weeks after being home and that we were going to be together forever. honestly it hands down goes in the book as one of my most favorite day's. so there it is folks. and here are some pictures to help you feel like you were really there :) enjoy!  p.s. didn't he do an unreal job? ya it was PERFECT!

 photo finalysiggy_zpsf560977a.png

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