Wednesday, October 2, 2013


with getting ready to be married my mom and i sat down to talk about the 3 most important things that would make or break my "perfect" wedding. the number 1 thing on my list was getting a good photographer because you have these picture for the rest of your life! i wanted someone who matched my personality and the feel that i was going for also someone who i knew would do a great job and someone who could work with my tiny timeline (i guess getting married in 6 weeks isn't a long time? haha) well miss heather telford has been taking our family pictures for quite some time now and she's amazing! so without any hesitation i emailed her to see if she had any openings and luckily she did :) if you're looking for a wedding photographer or someone to do your family pictures or pretty much pictures of anything i would suggest you contact her because she's AMAZING! if you don't believe me check out her website here & keep scrolling down :)

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  1. These are adorable! Just started following your blog and it's so cute! Also speaking as a photographer, you guys are so photogenic and really look happy and in love! It's exactly what engagements should look like. Congrats! Being a newlywed is the best :)

  2. Meghan!! totally stalked your blog yesterday and you and your husband are DARLING!! hope you are loving Arizona!! Matt lived there his first year of college and i'd go visit! make sure if you already haven't that you go to down town Scottsdale at night! it's BEAUTIFUL and there are always bands playing!! it's a blast!! But thank you for your sweet comments! You're the cutest!