Sunday, November 17, 2013


your wedding day is something you dream about as a little girl your whole life, and i have to say mine was absolutely perfect thanks to everyone who helped make it literally a dream come true. for all those girls getting ready to be married take my advice, hire a wedding planner. it is worth every last penny.  I couldn't of done half of what i wanted to do without Jenn's help. A huge thank you to my amazing parents who made mine & matt's special day, the perfect day i always dreamed about as a little girl. so sit back, and enjoy the pictures & video of our perfect day.

 photo finalysiggy_zpsf560977a.png


  1. You looked gorgeous! So jealous you got an outdoor reception and a beautiful one at that!

  2. You are absolutely right that the wedding day is something that every women dreams about as a little girl. I am just so impressed with your post. We also would be having a grand ceremony at one of the best New York wedding venues and I hope that it will be exactly as I have planned.