Monday, December 9, 2013


you guys....i'm seriously the worst blogger on the face of the planet. to be honest not much has happened in the life of the Griner's. I got my gallbladder taken out and wo was that fun. not really it sucked but i feel 1000000 times better and poor matt doesn't have to hear me complain all the time. while i was recovering from surgery though matt got sick and then obviously i got sick to so we were just two sickies in our freezing cold house but hey at least we got to hang out with each other 24/7 right? 

We also got into the holiday season and decorated the house. matt was hilarious with decorating....i didn't know i married such a decorator :) but really though isn't our house so cute? i'm in love.


matt & i took my brothers skiing for logans birthday and that was a blast. matt had  to teach me and my two younger brothers how to ski in one day and lets just say i complained more then the boys did. i guess it's my fault for doing pizza down the entire mountain right? but seriously it was a blast and all i have to say is matt was the cutest with my little brothers....he'll be the greatest dad....someday :) oh and they all passed out on the way home! 

Oh and we took family pictures with my family ( i'll post the christmas card soon) but can i just say.... how grateful i am for this boy? for real though he's the greatest. 

 photo finalysiggy_zpsf560977a.png


  1. Love your NOEL sign! It is definitely pinterest worthy ;)

    1. haha meghan you are the cutest!! Thank you!!