Sunday, November 6, 2011

curve ball

god has a funny way of showing you the things that you need most in your life. it seems like when you are about to loose all faith and give up, he gives you something else worth living for. for most of you that know me you know that i was completely and totally in love my sophomore year of high school to who i thought was the most amazing boy ever. well we dated my sophomore and junior year until he went on a mission in february and i was bound and determined to wait for him. i knew for sure we were going to get married and live happily ever after. well that all changed late one night when i got a call from a girl who told me that she had done some stuff with this boy and needless to say i was completely heartbroken and spent the majority of the next couple of weeks sobbing on my kitchen floor. well months went by and as i tried to forget about this boy i couldn't. during this time my best friend decided to start dating her ex boyfriends best friend. so we embarked on this journey of me trying to get over my ex boyfriend and her trying to make her ex boyfriend jealous by dating his best friend.....messed up right? well it's funny how people surprise you and things turn out. her plan failed she didn't make her ex boyfriend want fact it made him hate her even more.....and the best friend wanted nothing to do with her. we stopped being friends because i didn't like the person i was becoming and the choices i was making. after thinking this girl was my best friend, the one person i could trust with everything, my soul sister, i found out she had been telling people the most degrading, most untrue things she could about me. sometimes i look back and think i should have seen it coming but i thought we were best friends and best friends don't do that. after i found that out everything she had been saying about me i decided to talk to this ex boyfriends best friend.....which turned out to be the best thing i could have ever done. we decided to go on a date and couldn't get enough of each fact we spent every day during christmas break together. well we started dating and about one year into dating, that boy who i had fallen in love with my sophomore year came home from his mission, asked me to marry him at a smoothie place (romantic right?) well  i said no, and he married my old best friend.  i'm now 14 weeks in a long 104 waiting for the ex boyfriends best friend who's name is Matt or Elder Griner. it's funny how life throws you curve balls. how when you think you can't take it anymore and you are going to give up how god gives you one more reason to keep going. i don't know where i'd be today without those trails and heart breaks but i wouldn't take a second of it back. why? because i found someone actually worth waiting for, someone who i can't imagine my life without, someone who's truly my best friend. 

"if you never stop when you wave goodbye you just might find, if you give it time, you will wave hello again." -John Mayer

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